Happy new year! I can't quite believe its 2020 

For those of you who are old enough to remember the Millennium bug hype of the late 90's; Weren't we all lead to believe that life would never be the same again? Our bank accounts would freeze, our cars wouldn't start and we were destined for a life of mayhem and digital disaster.  I recall my car starting perfectly on the 1st January 2000 & I'm pretty sure that most folk who needed cash on 1st January 2000, got cash. I purchased my first house in 2000 (wait for it) for £19,000!  Imagine buying a two house for that amount of money now?  Those were the days. 

So, we are leaving the EU on the 31st January...right?  This news was music to my ears, after the last 12 months of the waiting to see what happens approach of sellers & buyers.  We have never known a year quite like it since the credit crunch of 2008, 

We are starting to see some of the pent-up demand from the wait and see buyers starting to show signs of turning a corner (particularly first time buyers), which we are hoping will lead to an active first part of the year.  

There has been much talk of the "Boris Bounce" within the property industry (indicating that a healthier housing market in on the horizon)  with the stalemate hopefully coming to an end, & those would be movers who have sat on their hands springing into some action.

Will the pound suddenly drop once we leave the EU? Will property prices suddenly come crashing down on the 31st January 2020? My honest answer and in my opinion (for what its worth) probably not.

Until next time......