Back in 2019 when Theresa May was Prime Minister, the Government made a promise to Tenants that the private rental sector would be reformed to make it fairer. After four years (Three PM's & six Housing Ministers later...), the current Housing Minister, Michael Gove, gave the first reading of the draft bill to Parliament on 17th May. 

The bill is nowhere near ready to be given Royal assent and passed as law (even the the draft wording is yet to be published). Industry experts are forecasting that the bill will not become law until at least Spring 2024

The main arears of interest to landlords are as follows: 

  • The scrapping of Section 21 no-fault evictions
  • A new law ending landlord blanket rejections of tenants on benefits or who have children
  • Easier evictions of poorly behaving tenants
  • A legal right to keep pets for renters - with a provision for landlords to demand renters take out insurance to cover the cost of any damage caused by their animals
  • The first decent homes standard for private rentals
  • A new property ombudsman to quickly deal with conflict between landlords and tenants
  • A Property Portal requiring landlords to join a national register

We though that you would like to know more about this, as it has been in the mainstream media today. 

The landlords guild have published an article, and you can read more details in the link below: 
Renter’s Reform Bill Finally Lands in Westminster | GRL (

The Government publication is here:

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